CJI Miami 2019

Who said what...

“Technology mixed with digital transformation and data is shaping the future of the connected ecosystem on aircraft.”

LUPITA WILSON, Collins Aerospace

“Millennials are reshaping who we are in this new travel ecosystem. Millennials think only about being connected and being mobile.”

MICHAEL AMALFITANO, Embraer Executive Jets

“We provide products [aircraft] that can access 10 times the number of airports in the US than commercial air transport can achieve.”

ROBERT SCHOLL, Textron Aviation

“When talking about recruiting pilots, technicians and engineers, we need to market our industry to younger generations.”

JOSHUA KROTEC, First Aviation Services Inc.

“Gulfstream needs to make 300 to 400 gross hires [of technicians] a year. We have no trouble doing that.”

DEREK ZIMMERMAN, Gulfstream Aerospace

“We are getting our first Global 7500s in January, with six on order and offering them exclusively to our 200-hours plus customers.”


“The OEMs do roughly 700 transactions a year. It will be interesting to see if they can move off that mark.”

SHAWN DINNING, Dallas Jet International

“We are at the beginning of the market [for aircraft connectivity]. It’s still relatively immature.”


“My personal and professional view is that we have a zero-tolerance policy [on illegal charter]. We need a co-ordinated approach.”

SIMON WILLIAMS, Isle of Man Registry

“We have built a portal, so owners can access information in real time, in sufficient depth to support the transparency people want.”


“We see economic softness in Europe connected to Brexit. Every time I look at Brexit and then at the US, I think things could be worse.”

GUS FAUCHER, PNC Financial Services Group

“The renewable jet fuel we produce is a drop-in solution that is 100% compatible with existing jet engines – not everyone is aware of that.”

LANA VAN MARTER, Neste Corporation

CJI Miami 2020

Fontainebleau Miami Beach, 17th & 18th Nov

CJI Miami 2020 is the place to be this November for the latest news and views from the world of business aviation. This is the leading industry forum in North America for the most prominent operators, OEMs, brokers, management companies, maintenance providers, financiers, charter arrangers, lawyers and other key industry figures to share insights and network. Delegates will benefit from TED-style presentations and in-depth Q&A sessions. For further information call +44 (0) 1737 844 383 or +1 800 757 8059.