Revolution.Aero 2018

In September, more than 300 manufacturers, investors, financiers and tech start-ups met at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco to shape the future of aviation.

WE ARE ENTERING a new-era of aviation. Electric aircraft, urban air mobility and air taxis are emerging technologies that will revolutionise aviation - and they are closer than ever. Corporate Jet Investor invited speakers representing these industries, regulators and even psychologists to discuss what they mean for the future of commercial and private aviation.

The key takeaways from the event were that electric aircraft are closer than you might think, hybrid-electric aircraft are far into development and blended-wing and supersonic jets are not far behind. Opinion was mixed as to when VTOLs and air taxis will hit the market due to regulatory and infrastructure concerns – but they are coming. Delegates from the legacy aviation world and tech start-ups alike are excited about these opportunities and how different the world of aviation will look in a few years.

Next stop: Revolution.Aero Europe, London, March 11 and 12.